Waterproofing Polymers

Acrylic Polymer for Waterproofing

Being the leading firms in the industry, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of Acrylic Polymer for Waterproofing that is used for easily modifying the hydraulic binder for smooth and flexible range for flexible cementitious coating. Our entire product range is manufactured using technically advanced state-of-the-art emulsion polymerization technology thereby ensuring product consistency. Moreover, we offer them at most affordable rates.







Milky white pourable emulsion


Emulsifying System

Synthetic anionic


Total Solids (%)

57 + 1


pH at 25°C

7 - 8


Brookfield Viscosity RVT

(CPS) SP.3, 20 RPM at 25°C


2500 cps max

Surface Tension (Dynes/cm) at 25°C

45 + 5.0


Density (gm/cm3)

1.015 ± 0.015


Dilutability with water

Dilutable in any proportion


Compatible with all grades of cement, thickeners and fillers.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ELASTOCRYL7400

SBR Latex for Waterproofing

We are counted amongst the reckoned names in the industry, offering quality assured range of SBR Latex for Waterproofing that is a water-based non-ionically stabilized hydrolysis-resistant dispersion that is a styrene composite carboxylated -butadiene co-polymer. The dispersion of the entire product range is freeze-thaw stable and contains quality tested range of antioxidant and is compatible with hydraulic binders.  




ELASTOBOND SBR is used in the modification of hydraulic binders and includes the repairment of flooring, mortar, flooring, bonding, and mineral sealing slurries and is also used as cement based adhesive. Our products are free from added impurities and are free from plasticizers.




  • Total Solids % : 52.0 ± 1.0 ISO 3251
  • Specific Gravity : 1.023 ± 0.005
  • Solubility in water : insoluble but miscible in all proportions
  • Odour : faint aromatic
  • CPS SP.1, 12 RPM at 25 ºC : 300 max.
  • pH : 9.5 ± 0.5 ISO 976
  • Viscosity: (Brookfield LVF, 60 rpm)
  • Surface Tension(Dynes/cm) : 40.0 ± 5.0


    Economical Water Proofing Polymer

    Economical Water Proofing Polymer is a speciality styrene acrylic based high performance polymer for waterproof cementitious coating in slurry form and cement/ sand mortar form. The product has excellent waterproofing and protection properties. Preparation of Surfaces to be treated is of utmost importance. The surface should be clean free from any bitumen, oil, grease and loose particles. All laitance and loose particles should be removed by wire brushing and all undulation and cracks should be filled with made good using Elasto Repair systems. In case of badly honey combed surfaces give a layer of screed or plaster to make it worthy to receive the treatment. Mix 2 parts of cement with 1 part of Elasto Supercrete polymer till smooth consistency results. Apply this slurry in two coats on the surface within 4 hours interval. Simple moist curing is required. For strengthening cement paints, add 10-15% of Elasto Supercrete by wt. of cement paint. We offer our product with a brand name Elasto.


    • Highly waterproof cementitious composite
    • Excellent bonding to the most building materials
    • Superb breathing
    • Resilient yet tough hardened cementitious film or mortar
    • Crack bridging upto 0.40mm
    • If added in cement paint, shall remarkably increase the performance of the coating
    • Provides strength in addition to U. V. resistant qualities



    Form Liquid
    Color Milky White
    Total Solids% 30 ± 1
    pH 7.5 to 8.5
    Compressive strength 410 Kg/ sq. cm
    Brookfield Viscosity
    LVF (CPS) SP 1, 60
    RPM at 25°
    100 CPS max.
    Flexural strength 85 Kg/ sq. cm
    Bonding strength 5.5 Kg/ sq. cm
    Anti oxidant Yes
    Bacteriocide Yes
    Anti foam Yes
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